"I’m convinced Leigh is the best driving instructor in North London. Prior to Leigh I had two other instructors and he was by far the best for several reasons. He is not money-orientated like instructor no.1 (from one of the big, nationwide companies). He is also very patient and not pushy, so I never felt any anxiety about taking the test before I felt ready (a problem with instructor number two!). I started learning in my thirties and was not a natural, so it took me a long time to learn and build confidence. He was ultra-supportive throughout the whole process, could identify immediately any mental or physical factors that might have been contributing to mistakes I was making, and was also excellent at putting me at ease due to his great social and conversational skills. By the time I was test-ready, I was not only equipped to pass, but equipped to deal with almost any real-life driving situation I might encounter. Indeed, my test was held in torrential rain and encompassed dual carriageway driving, major roundabouts, national speed limit country lanes, and other tricky conditions. I sailed through the test with almost no faults at all, which was all down the very solid core skills and precise knowledge of the rules of the road that Leigh instilled in me. He’s a master of his trade and a great guy too. I highly recommend him." (Nick Rodgers, N10)




"Leigh is a fantastic driving instructor! I would definitely recommend as he is not only professional, but clear and kind within his teaching methods. I had had a string of bad instructors beforehand, and was left feeling nervous and ready to give up the idea of driving altogether - Leigh helped change that! He is honest with you about the areas that need improvement and worked patiently with me to get me feeling confident in the car. I can’t thank him enough for transforming me from a nervous learner into a confident driver! Although he is in high demand, he made a special effort to put in extra lessons for me before my test while he was on his week off!! Thank you so much for being such a fab instructor Leigh!" (Ava-Lien Shoshan, N6)




"Learning to drive with Leigh has been a thoroughly positive experience. He combines honesty about areas that need improvement with encouragement and praise. You come away from each lesson knowing where you are, where you need to be, and how you are going to get there, having enjoyed the journey. His teaching method is clear and focussed, combining practical demonstrations with theoretical diagrams and discussion, as well as useful ways to remember manoeuvres. He is by far the best driving instructor I have come across." (Miriam Childress, N17)


"Leigh has been an outstanding instructor. He is patient and explains things fully to you whilst still being a real task master so that manoeuvres are drilled into you! I feel he has enabled me to become a safe and proficient driver and I am very grateful to him. He is always on time, his car is always immaculate, he is fair minded and the consummate professional. Amazingly I passed first time, and with not a single fault. This is all thanks to Leigh." (Sarah Page, NW8)


"I came to Leigh after having lessons with another instructor. I was really unconfident, and unsure as to whether I wanted to carry on driving at all. In my first lesson with Leigh I learned more than I had in the 20+hours I'd already had with the previous instructor! Leigh has foolproof methods, patience and makes you feel at ease. Excellent driving instructor, and a lovely man. I would without a doubt recommend Leigh." (Ellie Carr, N10)

"I was told that passing a driving test in London is almost impossible by so many friends and colleagues that I almost didn't try. With Leigh I managed to pass my test first time and had a lot of laughs getting there. Leigh didn't just teach me how to drive, he taught me how to relax, focus and really enjoy driving - which, for a London learner driver, can be one of the biggest challenges." (Marton Doczy, N15)




"I cannot recommend Leigh highly enough! I'd had other driving instructors before and had always felt flustered and confused behind the wheel. From my first session with Leigh I knew it was going to be different. Leigh explained things fully, at my own pace and in a way I could understand and apply. The structured lessons really helped -it was always very clear where we were with the teaching and what the next steps would be. Leigh was always professional, encouraging, never judgemental and a lot of fun. I went from feeling terrified at the thought of driving to looking forward to our lessons every week. I know I've been taught to the highest standard and since I've passed my test I've been making journeys I never thought I could make!" (Stephanie Gedge, N10)


"Leigh is an excellent instructor who is both patient and rigorous. He really takes his time to explain things and give good tips to improve your driving. He is an incredibly supportive coach. I passed my test thanks to him after having wasted a lot of money -and time - in another driving school. I've learned more in 10 hours of driving with Leigh than in 50 hours with a cheap driving school! It made a real difference and I wish I had found him earlier! Don't hesitate to get in touch with him if you want some quick and positive results." (Morgan Seon, NW2)

"We were not going to entrust our twin daughters to any driving instructor. We did our research, contacted a few and chose Leigh, who we cannot recommend highly enough. He is highly qualified, thoroughly professional, and from the outset he took responsibility for getting our daughters their full driving licences (which he achieved within 7 months of their 17th birthdays, notwithstanding that they had to take time off for exams and other commitments). Neither of them had any road experience at all (had not even ridden bicycles), and yet both passed first time (one with one minor fault, the other with four minor faults). Leigh is very responsive, highly committed to his pupils and he does what he says. My daughters have acquired safe driving habits and they have enjoyed the lessons - you really cannot ask for more. We are hoping Leigh will take on our two younger children in due course." (Nick and Debby Hughes, N10)


"I was very nervous about learning to drive, and at 34 I had left it later than a lot of people. However, Leigh's professionalism and ever calm presence in all situations helped me to gain the confidence to feel relaxed and even look forward to our lessons.
The sessions were well structured, with a clear goal set out and agreed at the beginning of each one. Followed by a run through of how we both felt it went, and what needed working on afterwards. Leigh took the time to ensure I had the opportunity to experience driving on lots of different types of roads and situations, from dual carriageways to country lanes and busy city streets. He also offered helpful worksheets for home study.
I feel Leigh fully committed to making me into safe, confident and knowledgeable driver. I cannot recommend him enough. He is highly professional and constantly vigilant of everything going on around you, but at the same time made me laugh harder than I have in years." (Sam Slatter, N3)


"Leigh was great. His techniques for manoeuvres work and he will drill them into you. His manner is confident and competent, he gets the best out of you whilst managing to maintain entertaining conversation. Whilst learning any new skills can be frustrating, I never felt that I wasn't making progress. Setbacks were discussed, and strategies for progressing put in place. I'm delighted to have passed, and all in all it was a very positive experience." (Rebecca Davison, N7)


"Leigh came recommended from a friend and did not disappoint! Having driven for 15 years in America and having to re-take the driving test upon moving to the UK was a frustrating logistical challenge, but Leigh was extremely thorough and efficient in helping me understand the essential differences in driving here vs. the US. He taught me to quickly refine my skills and learn the appropriate manoeuvres for the UK test as well as general tips for better driving. Having heard stories from other American friends who have taken the test multiple times, I was extremely relieved to pass on the first try - with zero faults! Finally, Leigh is a very nice and relaxed guy, the atmosphere was never judgmental or stressful even when I made mistakes!" (Andrew Oliver, NW3)


"Leigh is an excellent driving instructor! It was his extremely clear and step-wise approach to teaching that has allowed me to reach the point that I am at now, where I feel completely comfortable driving through central London, even in rush hour. Leigh is also very understanding of the individual needs of his students… I would get quite nervous and stressed during mock tests, which would negatively impact on my driving. Leigh was so supportive, encouraging and adapted our lessons so that we could work on this. Lastly, Leigh is such a lovely man, very easy to get along with. I could tell how genuinely happy he was for me when I passed my test, which says it all!" (Anna L, N1)



"Having learned to drive in India, I was concerned about adapting to the requirements of UK roads. However, working with Leigh made the transition incredibly smooth. As an instructor, his experience and ability are superb; he has complete command of the subject matter, is able to articulate both the theory and practical applications easily, and was able to adapt his explanations based on my driving experience. Perhaps most tellingly, even after 11 odd years of teaching he is still interested in improving his coaching style; for example, in one of my later lessons he explained a new way of handling a tricky roundabout that made the manoeuvre a lot easier. On a personal level, his professionalism is top notch and his manner is relaxed but firm, qualities which I respect. I would happily recommend him to anyone looking for an driving instructor with a huge amount of integrity, bags of experience, and a proven track record of helping people drive better." (Dhruv Devasher, N3)


"I couldn't recommend Leigh as a driving instructor more. As well as being an excellent teacher, he was very patient during some of my more "slow" moments. We got along really well and i'd definitely recommend him to anyone, whether they just want a few lessons, to get back into driving, and even complete beginners. I certainly enjoyed my experience as his student and can say he's made me a very capable and confident driver." (Ben Hart, N10)


"I landed a new job, which requires me to drive. However whilst having a driving licence, I hadn't driven a car for around 8 years, and intermittently before that. My driving skills were rusty, and I needed to get my confidence back on those demanding and busy London roads. I needed refresher course that was going to be challenging, supportive, educational, practical, sound, and value for money. These are all what I got from Leigh Griffiths. Over the course 10 refresher lessons, over four weeks, Leigh took things at a strong, but steady pace, working up from basic manoeuvres, safety tips and firm but fair encouragement, to me driving on the M1 and M25, and to and from my new workplace on the North Circular, facing challenges such as Hanger Lane, busy suburban areas, narrow backstreets, and practicing my parking skills. Old bad habits were eliminated, and good technique and skills learned and relearned. Leigh's informal yet firm and encouraging manner has been nothing but a positive experience for me. I would recommend Leigh for any learner driver, or someone needing to a refresher driving course. Leigh has a manner that both puts you at your ease, and keeps you on your toes, learning all the time. Highly recommended." (Paul Waddington, N10)



“After bad experiences with two previous instructors (and two failed tests), I was apprehensive about continuing but Leigh helped rebuild my confidence, ease my stress levels and build on my shaky foundations to become competent and capable behind the wheel. Feedback was always honest, and while it might not always be what you want to hear, it's fair and accompanied with a smile, pointers on how to improve, and praise on what went well. Lessons were always tailored to my needs (not necessarily my wants, but left turn bootcamp definitely helped!) and adapted to how things were going on the day. I'm going to miss our lessons, not just because I learned a lot about driving, but Leigh is genuinely one of the nicest, funniest, and most knowledgeable people I've ever come across and I always looked forward to our chats.” (Victoria Waters, N10)



“Leigh is a truly brilliant driving instructor, I feel very lucky to have found him! He made me feel relaxed throughout the whole process and was extremely patient and accommodating. I managed to pass my test on the first attempt thanks to his teaching methods and strategies to complete the manoeuvres. He made sure we were on the same page in terms of what level I was at throughout the process and communicated what needed to be worked on so that I knew how to improve. I highly recommend Leigh to anyone in search of a driving instructor who offers a professional yet enjoyable experience, with plenty of good conversation and laughs alongside.” (Olivia Arnold, N14)



“Leigh really knew his stuff and was good fun to be in the car with. He patiently answered all my questions and was flexible with his teaching style. He didn't try to push me further than I could go at any time, but still stretched my abilities with each lesson to get to test standard in a reasonable time. First time pass, all down to him, but more than that: he really delivered on his promise to teach me how to handle the car confidently, not just pass a test.” (Esther Galfalvi, N15)




"Don’t look elsewhere! Leigh safely and patiently led our son to achieve his driving license successfully. That’s why, as parents and customers ourselves, today we hereby express our thanks and appreciation for his valuable professionalism and teaching. Not only Leigh has delivered his driving services with great efficiency to our son, but also, his regular, clear and most honest feedback from day one to us parents, helped a natural and mutual trust to set in and has allowed us to follow our son’s progress. The results talk for themselves! Thank you Leigh." (Mr & Mrs Huillard, N10)



"Learning to drive with Leigh not only prepared me for my test, but prepared me for the obstacles I could possibly face once passed. Lessons were always focused on what was best for me and what I needed to work on. Out of lessons Leigh provided me with worksheets and online apps to further prepare me for the following week! A brilliant experience and I would recommend him to anyone!" (Madeleine Cooksey, N8)

"Leigh's approachable manner and his ability to make learning an enjoyable, well managed and progressive experience really helped me to move forward. I learned quickly due to his methods, and was lucky enough to be able to pass first time. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional instructor focused on a quality service." (Paul Williams, N15)

"With previous instructors I had struggled with stress and slight temper issues. Leigh gauged how to handle me perfectly, and I remained calm whilst getting the push I needed to progress throughout my tuition. With his excellent teaching methods and amiable nature I quite enjoyed learning to drive, something which I had avoided doing for years." (James Tierney, N10)

"Leigh is good at his job. Of the four driving instructors I tried, he is the only one I felt could actually teach me to drive. He was able to see what others could not, identify the areas I did not understand, and rectify the situation. I can wholeheartedly recommend Leigh for his professional attitude, unflappable approach and clear head." (Joe Kennedy, N8)


"I have a tendency to become flustered, stressed and hot-headed in certain situations, so I was a little apprehensive about how I would be behind the wheel of a car. Leigh put my mind at ease from the first moment. He's friendly, calm, methodical, patient and was particularly sensitive to my learning needs. He manages lessons very well, keeping a good pace of learning and level of challenge, yet never pushing too hard or over-loading me. He encouraged where necessary, always emphasized my good points, but never held back on informing me where I needed to improve. I passed first time." (Christopher Dixon, N8)

"I had a really great time learning to drive with Leigh. He is a brilliant teacher and definitely someone who I felt I could trust. I think what was so great was that he's patient, but kept the lessons challenging at the same time." (Elisabeth Burks, WC1)


"Getting through the test first time with no minor faults was down to Leigh's ability to identify and correct errors, and to adapt his teaching methods even to someone like me with lots of bad habits. Leigh's ability to switch between firm direction and good conversation made the whole process of driver education much more fun, as well as more effective, than I had thought it could be." (Iain Macvay, NW6)

"Thanks to Leigh I passed my test first time after only 20 lessons. He is the total professional - he rigorously plans the lessons, shaping them to sure up any weaknesses he spots, provides you with step by step guides to manoeuvres, and drills in everything required of you to become a safe driver. On top of this he is a genuinely nice bloke! Every lesson was enjoyable. I could not recommend him highly enough!" (Callum Wilson, N2)

"Leigh has been an amazing driving instructor! Apart from always being punctual, he has been very encouraging and honest. He uses the most simplistic and useful methods in completing manoeuvres. Each lesson was never short of a laugh or two. I can truly say that I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to drive with Leigh." (Yewande Ayanlowo, N17)

"Leigh is a brilliant instructor, and he was supportive throughout my driving experience. The lessons were enjoyable, and were a pleasant escape from my gruelling A level revision & exams. He got me passed at my first attempt in a relatively short time! Leigh will always go the extra mile to go over any problems or uncertainties in a really patient way, and prepares you even beyond the level required for passing." (Gabriella Samson, N10)




"As an older driver, I had built up quite a phobia of the roads before I got into the car with Leigh. Not only did he help me get over my fears, but was extremely skillful in identifying my faults and gradually ironing them out until I felt confident behind the wheel. He is good company, and it was always a pleasure having a chat and driving about town - he has an excellent sense of when to push and when to step back and I would recommend him to anyone, especially if they are worried. I passed first time, and if I can do it then, with Leigh, anyone can." (Jasper Gibson, N6)

"It was a pleasure to be taught to drive by Leigh. He instilled in me invaluable confidence behind the wheel, whilst teaching me at a pace that he clearly recognized tobe suiting me. I never felt uncomfortable in the situations he taught me to handle, but I was always being tested, so each lesson provided a new challenge. Leigh teaches the importance of having the right 'driving attitude', which I have found (since passing my test) hugely important in helping me to keep safe and accident-free on the frenetic London roads." (Ben Comninos, NW3)

"Persistent, patient and calm, with the thought of giving up crossing my mind, and absolutely determined I was the worst driver on the streets of London, he carried me through with confidence to a successful second time pass (apparently all the best drivers are!)." (Charlie Dutton, N8)

"I went to Leigh for instructor training after feeling a bit let down with the training I had received at one of the big colleges. I am so glad I did. Leigh conducts his training on a "one to one" basis in a relaxed and informal way. This wasn't to say that he didn't make me work during our sessions! As well as the instructor training, Leigh gave me some helpful tips and advice with regard to teaching pupils generally and we shared some funny stories along the way! After failing my first attempt earlier on in the year, (which I knew I wasn't really ready for) I found it quite hard going, but with Leigh's patience and him making me believe in myself I finally passed the Part-Three on my third attempt!

Leigh has a very professional approach to his work and sets his standards very high. His enthusiasm for what he does really comes through." (Anna Miller, ADI, Barnet)


"Leigh was not only an extremely professional and impressive instructor but also great fun to learn with. His calm and patient nature is the key to his brilliant technique and I never felt that he ever got frustrated with me (which is a problem I had had with other instructors). I also always felt safe when in the car with him, as well as feeling independent - which was conducive to me relaxing and thus learning quicker. Essentially Leigh's calmness and encouragement inspired great confidence in me, and I would recommend him to everyone who wants an enjoyable and effective learning experience." (Natasha Sales, NW6)

"Many driving instructors say that they "welcome nervous drivers", Leigh really means it. I came to him for refresher lessons - I'd last driven over 17 years ago on sleepy town roads, and was terrified of the prospect of driving in London. I was so nervous in fact that I couldn't sleep at all the night before my initial lesson. Leigh was kind, patient and is a very intuitive instructor. I simply can't believe how far I've progressed under his instruction, and given what I've managed to achieve, I would wholeheartedly recommend Leigh Griffiths to any learner driver." (Rachel Chu, NW9)

"Leigh has been a great teacher, proceeding at a pace that remained challenging while never feeling unsafe. His ability to keep up an animated and friendly conversation without risking a lapse in concentration and safety made the lessons much more relaxed than the edgy nervousness I experienced with some other teachers. Even when my university work required breaks of several months between some lessons, Leigh was able to pick up right where we left off, with any rustiness disappearing quickly and progress being made again very soon." (Joe Shuttleworth, NW3)

"Getting my driving license is something that I feared would not become a reality, but thanks to Leigh I have now achieved it. His tuition and practice made me feel confident and assured when on the road, and as we progressed I could feel myself becoming a much better driver every time. Leigh is patient and understanding, and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor to learn with." (Milo Hewitt, NW8)

"Leigh was a great driving instructor: supportive, friendly and determined to make me a better driver. I was a nervous learner, and his hard work got me through the test first time. I would recommend him highly to all learners who want to drive with confidence. Thanks Leigh, we did it!" (Christian Robinson, N10)

"I hadn't driven for 20 years and had developed a real fear of getting behind the wheel again. Taking lessons with Leigh was the best decision I made, and with his encouragement I have regained my lost confidence. I am so grateful and would recommend him to any fearful or nervous driver." (Melody Green, N10)

"As someone whose English is a second language, I was more than slightly nervous about learning to drive in the UK, let alone in London! However, Leigh made this a pleasant and stress-free experience for me. He was always on time, reliable, patient, and his clear instructions helped me to pass first time round. I have already recommended him to plenty of my friends." (Pat Prima, N8)

"Leigh really has been a fantastic and patient instructor, who has given me a lot of confidence and support doing something that I definitely don't think I'm a natural at! Thank you very much." (Alex Samuel, N1)

"As a fellow teacher, I found Leigh to be extremely organized and very well informed. His lessons brought my driving to a whole new level, giving me the confidence to face London traffic. I have no hesitation in recommending him as an exceptional driving tutor." (Darren McCarthy, NW6)

"It's been an absolute pleasure learning to drive under Leigh's supervision. A well and truly great instructor, I bet there aren't many instructors out there that could match his skill, patience and dedication to the job. Would totally recommend any day of the week :)" (Mike Hardy, N8)




"From the first lesson to the last, Leigh was extremely supportive, friendly, always on time and flexible. While all lessons were pretty relaxed, Leigh always had a clear plan and structured lessons around my learning needs so I progressed with each lesson. His teaching methods in effect saved me from paying extreme amounts of money, but also prevented me from failing. I will continue to recommend Leigh to any learner driver that I come across." (Marketa Salfiti, N6)

"I would like to say a big thank you to Leigh for his great work, massive professionalism and strong effort, while helping me to pass my [ADI] part 2 and 3 tests. He has great communication skills, appropriate attitude and he has never compromised the errors. I enjoyed every lesson I had with him, and I will strongly recommend him!" (Emil Donev, ADI, N14)


"I was not a very confident driver and the prospect of learning to drive in London didn't fill me with joy. Especially after so many people told me how awful it would be! However I was really lucky to have Leigh as a teacher. He was patient, but clear on what I was doing wrong, and persistent in tackling the things I found difficult. When it came to the test, it actually seemed pretty easy and I passed first time with just 3 minor faults. Leigh made sure that I learned to drive, not just how to pass the test and I am really grateful for that. Thanks Leigh!" (Davina Jeffery, NW6)


"I would highly recommend Leigh for anyone looking to learn to drive and drive well in north London. He is a great teacher - patient, friendly, funny, knowledgable and encouraging. Leigh was always punctual and reliable, and did all he could to fit into my schedule - as I work full time this was what I really needed. With Leigh's help I was able to pass first time and now feel confident as a driver. Part of me is sad I am no longer taking lessons as I will miss our chats!" (Rebecca Chard, N8)


"I started my lessons with Leigh unsure if driving was my cup of tea, and doubtful if I could master manual gear change. I passed my test first time, feel confident behind the wheel and even enjoy driving. I believe a very large part of this success is attributed to Leigh’s excellent qualities as a driving instructor. Leigh is a professional instructor who will be guiding you through all the stages of learning process, show you how to do things properly, repeat and emphasise without getting irritated. My lessons always went on in the atmosphere of cheerful conversations, and Leigh managed to put this tiny amount of pressure on me to make me progress every time. It was very important for me to receive his genuine compliments to my achievements, however minor they were. I can’t praise enough his ability to stand up for his student, which made me feel like I have all the rights to be on the road even if I am just a learner driver. Apart from lessons themselves, Leigh provides his students with lots of useful materials that helped me in preparation for both, theory and practical exams. Dear Leigh, thank you again for helping me develop into a confident and safe driver!" (Sviatlana Kasilava-Salvo, N11)


''My experience of learning how to drive was made easy and enjoyable by Leigh. Regardless of his rigorous yet supportive teaching techniques, he is also extremely friendly, and makes the whole process a pleasure. I was able to pass first time as I was well prepared for whatever would come up in the test and was relaxed and confident as a result of Leigh’s teaching. I would highly recommend him as an instructor, as he is able to pinpoint all areas that need improving and provide the best help in how to overcome any problem.'' (Jake Franks, N8)


''Leigh is a really knowledgeable, calm and patient person. Hes a great teacher and a really nice guy. We got along really well... I enjoyed my lessons and have recommended him to lots of my friends; he will be teaching my brother when he is 17 too.'' (Alex Gray, N10)


"Leigh quickly brought me up to test standard with positive encouragement that kept my momentum up until I was ready to pass my test." (Pink Squire-Lindsay, N1)


"Thank you Leigh! It's been a long journey, and I'm so grateful for all the time you spent teaching me to drive and all the patience you had for my silly mistakes! I'm so excited to be able to drive on my own now, and am going to take my parents out for a spin in the mini tonight!" (Olivia Howe, N5)




"Leigh taught my 18-year-old son Jasper to drive. Leigh was very friendly and thorough throughout with much attention paid to detail. He was also happy to provide ongoing updates as the lessons progressed...and Jasper passed first time!" (Joseph Morley, N3)


"Leigh is an amazing driving instructor, he is very thorough, patient and extremely good at explaining things when you do not understand. I could not recommend him enough. I really enjoyed our lessons and he’s has made me a very confident and capable driver." (Xavier King, N10)


"Having not really driven since passing my test a decade ago outside London, I had pretty low confidence in my ability to negotiate London driving. After a couple of false starts with refresher courses with the big driving schools, Leigh’s completely different approach was a breath of fresh air. He actually listened to what I wanted to achieve from the lessons and after further open discussions taking into account what I would be driving for, we agreed the points to cover that would be most help.I am now far more confident to get out and use my car, but I also know where I can turn to if I need any additional help." (Elinor Kitchner, N2)


“Learning to drive with Leigh has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience from day one. As somebody who started the whole process with virtually zero experience on the roads, I was naturally nervous but this was put to rest within the first five minutes of the first lesson. He is incredibly bubbly and made me feel confident and comfortable at all times, whilst maintaining a high level of honesty on areas that required improvement. I am also very happy that he has successfully prepared me to not only pass my driving test but also to be a competent post-test driver. I can honestly say that I enjoyed and benefitted from every lesson." (Keith Donkor, N8)



“Leigh is an amazing instructor. He is calm, patient and assertive when he needs to be. He is very skilled in what he does and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive. And yes, I did pass first time! Thanks Leigh, I’m really grateful.” (Luke Gray, N10)




"Despite having held a license for a few years, I felt that I needed some refresher lessons before returning to the road. Leigh proved to be an excellent instructor, and made me feel both safe and confident in the car. After completing my lessons with Leigh, I am more than happy driving in almost any environment: the centre of town, motorways and country roads included! Leigh is a competent and skilled instructor, and is great to spend a few hours a week behind the wheel with." (Nick Hitchcock, N10)



"I was in a crunch for time in preparing for my test - I had some experience, but was very rusty. Leigh took me back to basics, and quickly trained me up for a test within a matter of weeks. His patience and focus on taking me through the key learning steps was remarkable. , and I passed feeing really prepared and aware of the road. If you want someone who will take the time to understand your individual circumstances, goals and skills nobody could be better!’ (Angus McNeill, N5)



"As someone who was initially quite nervous about learning to drive, I'm really glad I found an instructor like Leigh. Leigh has a great deal of experience and a lot of patience. He knows when you're ready to progress and when you might need a bit more practice, so you maintain steady rate of progress but you're never put into situations where you feel uncomfortable. Above all, Leigh is concerned with making sure you are a safe and good driver, and is not just interested in teaching you to pass the test. In the end I passed my driving test on the first attempt - a result which I am thrilled with!" (Peter Levell, N10)




"It has been an absolute pleasure being taught to drive by Leigh. From starting off as a very nervous driver, I quickly became very confident behind the wheel and was able to pass first time and that was in no doubt down to Leigh. He is a calm and composed teacher, whose methods for manoeuvres are very structured and memorable. He makes every part of the lesson very clear and is always willing to help out whenever you’re in doubt without making you feel embarrassed. He teaches you to above test standard, so that once you’ve passed and able to drive solo you are not in any doubt about your driving abilities. I have thoroughly enjoyed my months learning to drive and would definitely recommended Leigh to anyone who’s looking for a fun but concise driving instructor." (Sasha MacDonald, N10)



"Despite being a complete mess behind the wheel, Leigh was very patient and took me back to basics by correcting my coasting habit and teaching me about car positioning etc. As well as being a fantastic instructor professionally, Leigh has a great sense of humour and we were always able to make light of some of my frustrations! I passed first time with Leigh and I will be recommending his services to all friends and colleagues." (Nathalie Ashford, N16)


"I always looked forward to my weekly session with Leigh. His lessons were consistently clear, productive and well thought out. And not only is he teaching his students how to pass their test (I passed first time), but he is also providing driving skills for life. I cannot recommend him highly enough. In addition to which, he is great company and a very funny guy! Don’t bother looking elsewhere!" (Noah Wells, N10)


"Just passed my test first time. The highest praise I can give is that Leigh made the whole slightly daunting experience of learning to drive enjoyable. I felt relaxed, challenged, and encouraged every step of the way." (James McLaren, N8)